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Strengthening your Business Through Professional Accounting Services in Rockland County

Success in business requires entrepreneurs to understand and implement a variety of business functions. None are more essential to a solid business foundation than the accounting function.

For over 25 years, Steven R. Katz & Company, CPA PC has helped Rockland County community businesses create just such a foundation for success by providing responsive, high quality accounting services. We deliver services that reflect our expertise so our clients can do what best reflects theirs--operating their business well.

Monthly Accounting Review

Consistent with that value proposition, our clients typically engage us to work monthly with their bookkeeper to ensure the accounting information produced is relevant and reliable. This arrangement relieves the business owner of that stress and distraction and brings our financial acumen and tax-driven focus to bear to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Financial acumen. With decades of experience and training, we know what to look for and which questions to ask.

  • We proficiently identify inconsistencies and financial trouble spots, and determine where further analysis is necessary.
  • Our clients benefit from our insights about the financial aspects of their business, such as inventory status, past due receivables, and potential cost issues.
  • Our clients can also have confidence that information provided to lenders and investors reflects the economic reality of the business's operations.

Tax driven focus. There are many moving parts in any business and almost any major decision has a tax implication.

  • Through our monthly financial reviews, we are positioned to help our clients understand the tax implications of key decisions before they make them.
  • Also, we can conveniently transfer information from routine bookkeeping processes to produce timely tax filings.

Trusted Business Advisor

Beyond providing confidence in their numbers, our clients have found our knowledge of their business positions us to help them plan and implement strategies to accomplish their goals.

  • Financial Planning. Whether creating a business plan, securing a loan for growth, or selling all or a portion of an existing business, our clients have found us to be a valuable evaluation and execution resource.
  • Tax Planning. We help our client’s develop and implement tax strategies to achieve their business goals with the minimal tax impact. We have the training and experience to optimize elections and deductions, and legally minimize business tax liabilities.

Using Technology to an Advantage

To get a job done right, it’s important not only to have the right tool, but to use that tool properly.

  • Quickbooks. As a certified ProAdvisor?, we are trained and tested to offer clients up-to-date accounting solutions through QuickBooks. We help ensure our clients are getting optimal usage from QuickBooks to prepare relevant and reliable financial reports and to make tax return preparation more efficient.
  • SmartVault. We provide our clients the option of working with us through SmartVault, a secure online document storage system. We have found that SmartVault delivers all the benefits of a cloud drive, but with the security and productivity features we and our clients expect.

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Contact our Airmont CPA firm to learn more about how our accounting services can help you achieve your goals. We are conveniently located to serve the Rockland County towns of Clarkstown, Haverstraw, Orangetown, Ramapo and Stony Point including all of their villages. We are also less than 10 minutes from Bergen, Orange and Westchester counties.

Free Initial Consultation
Nobody can be all things to all people, so here at Steven R. Katz & Company, CPA PC we offer you a free initial consultation. Let's talk over your needs and see if we can't find solutions to your problems.
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Internal Controls
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