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Your Airmont CPA is dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses succeed in their endeavors with efficient accounting services. We are committed to giving clients assistance year-round, providing them with the means to streamline and improve their business, and to aid in form preparation for various business needs. Steven R. Katz & Company, CPA PC is your resource for expert accounting advice and advanced services that can help you achieve financial stability and tax compliance in Airmont, Suffern, Tallman, and throughout Rockland County.

Dedicated CPA Expertise for Financial Improvement

Steven Katz, CPA, offers tailored services to businesses and individuals in need of financial guidance. When deciding to begin a new business, we can advise on the proper entity to assume, and the best way to establish business processes. For businesses new and old, we can review income statements, adjust bookkeeping methods, and aid in payroll management.

We stand by our clients and their businesses’, wherever they need assistance. We can adjust our services to meet the time frame that works best for clients. Businesses in Airmont that are growing or need financing to get their business off the ground can turn to us to provide a presentation for lenders and banks.

Tax Assistance to Improve Tax Standing

Year round tax assistance maintains many of our client’s tax standing. Tax planning and preparation will help your business ethically avoid liability, and help maximize the possible return. To preserve a financial future that encourages growth, tax planning is crucial to any business. When faced with penalties or audits, we represent them to the state or IRS, and aid them in sorting out their records. Home owners and those renting out properties can maximize their appreciation deduction, and receive advice on how to deduct repairs and improvements.

A Thorough Commitment to Clients

Individuals and businesses in Airmont who choose our firm can rely on competent advice and fast, accurate service. We pride ourselves on delivering crucial services in a timely manner, ensuring the continued success of your business. Over the years we have connected with our community and have sought to establish long-term client relations. Each client is treated with respect and addressed on a personal level.

One of our goals as your trusted advisor is to constantly provide insightful advice and empower our clients to make informed business decisions. Through continued education, we pursue new knowledge and ideas that help us innovate for our clients. We are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the New York State Society of CPAs, and the New Jersey Society of CPAs, helping Steven R. Katz & Company, CPA PC provide insightful advice and stay ahead in our field.

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Steven Katz and his team provide assistance with many business needs that can establish your new business or improve your growing enterprise. Call our firm, serving Suffern, Tallman, and Rockland county today.

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