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We are a tax and accounting firm in Airmont serving the Rockland County area.  As Accountants specializing in both business and individual taxes as well as consulting, we pride ourselves on the responsiveness and quality of our firm. We have been serving residents of Suffern, Airmont, Tallman, Pomona, Spring Valley, Chestnut Ridge and the surrounding areas for over 25 years and plan to be here for many more.

Rockland County AccountantsAccounting in New York

We can help you save money on your state and federal taxes, as well as help business owners streamline their operations and increase their profitability.

Business in Rockland County

We have been active members of the Rockland County Community for 25 years and sincerely believe the best way to serve the area in which we live is to help our region prosper. Our families all live here, and our children go to school here. 

Home in Airmont

Our offices have been in Airmont for 25 years. Airmont is where our homes and hearts are. We serve the entire region, but we come home to and worship in Airmont. 

Not Just An Accountant

Our firm prides itself as a trusted business advisor to our business and individual clients.  We are here to guide you through the difficult terrain of your personal and business finances by helping you formulate and execute a plan in your best interests.

Airmont Tax and  AccountingA Tax Expert in the Family

Every year the federal government makes hundreds of changes in the tax laws. Is it any wonder that most people have trouble keeping track? At Steven R. Katz & Company, CPA PC we keep track of the tax law changes and sort the chaff from the wheat for you. We'll let you know which tax law changes affect you and how, and we'll give you the information you need in time to use it.

Business Consulting

No business can succeed without keeping careful track of its assets and liabilities. Our job is not just to save you money on taxes! We are here to help you make your daily operations more efficient and profitable. From startup to incorporation and beyond, attentive accounting practices combined with expert tax preparation and planning can spell the difference between success and failure. 

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